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Why is Crossroads4Hope no longer affiliated with the Cancer Support Community?

After much consideration and with an eye toward our commitment to ensuring we can grow the reach of our mission in line with our Vision for the Future, we have decided to end our affiliation with Cancer Support Community. In 2013, our leadership team and Board of Trustees developed the Vision for the Future: a multi-year roadmap for programmatic innovation leveraging our next generation technology to ensure that if any of the 9 million people in New Jersey are affected by cancer, they can turn to us first as THE safe space to restore one’s whole being and family. The Vision is being put into action now, as seen through our increased outreach to multicultural communities, the growth of our Support4Families programming, our efforts to deliver hands-on nutritional education to strengthen our participants and an unmet needs fund to help address the financial toxicity of cancer.

What happens to the programs CSCCNJ offers people with cancer, their families, and caregivers?

Nothing will change.  The quality and variety programs and service offerings will remain the same, including health, wellness, nutrition, education, family, individual and group support programs. We are expanding the depth and breadth of this offering with a focus on reaching multicultural and vulnerable communities who have traditionally faced barriers to accessing support.

How we deliver our work is continuing to improve. Our Vision for the Future incorporated a next generation technology plan to ensure access to our programs and services whenever, and wherever they are needed most. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated those plans enabling us to seamlessly pivot to an all-virtual environment so that those affected by cancer had access to the support they needed. This commitment to meeting the community where it is remains one of our guiding principles.

Will programs still be available at no charge?

Yes. This is a founding principal. We are committed to our programs being available at no charge to all those affected by cancer.

Why make this change during a pandemic?

Cancer does not stop for a pandemic, and neither do our guiding principles. We make decisions based on the best interest of our participants, donors, and partners and because they are the right things to do, regardless of whether or not they are difficult.

Will there be any interruption in service?

No. There will not be an interruption in service. Only three programs will change, but the variety and quality of what we are known for will not change. In fact, we expect our program offerings will grow.

Will Crossroads4Hope focus on community change?

Our commitment to the community will not change. It is a guiding principle that led to the decision to leave the affiliated network. Our operations will continue uninterrupted and our focus on the future marches forward.

As a current donor, how will my donation be used moving forward?

Our name has changed once and we were successful in retaining and attracting donors because of our innovative, life-changing work, and because we are trusted stewards of donor dollars.

We have, and always will, honor donor intent. We follow generally accepted fundraising principles, including those outlined in the Association of Fundraising Professionals Donor Bill of Rights. Unrestricted donations give us the ability to apply contributions where it is needed most. All donations made to our organization are investments in our life-changing work here in New Jersey and ensure that we can deliver our programs and services at no charge. We are proud that eighty-four (84) percent of all money raised through donations goes directly to our programs and support services, and we maintain a Platinum GuideStar rating.

Even though we are an independent 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, because the names were similar, donors confused us with the international organization. In the cases where we were able to identify that this occurred, donations were returned to us less any fees incurred by that organization. 

Regardless of our name, donors can still support us through the following:


Via Mail:       Crossroads4Hope

                        3 Crossroads Drive

                        Bedminster, NJ 07921


You can always reference our IRS Tax Identification Number:  22-3804609.

How to Communicate with Us

All our existing information will redirect
            Staff emails will change from to
            Contact our Program Team directly at
            Follow us on Social Media:
                        Facebook: @cr4hope
                        Twitter: @cr4hope
                        Instagram: @cr4hope
                        LinkedIn: Crossroads4Hope

I am a corporate/foundation donor. How can I support your work in the community?

Yes. Corporations and foundations decided where to invest, and many times they support both global and local causes where they have a business interest or where employees work and live.  Many companies fund us and allow employees to volunteer to help further our work in the community. Companies tell us they prefer to support causes like ours that are located where their employees live, work, and play and provide support to employees and their families.

In all institutional proposals, we have been transparent in the fact that we are a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. We are funded solely by donor dollars, 84% of which goes directly to program and service delivery.

As part of our ongoing partnership with corporations and foundations, there are many opportunities for employees to volunteer and make a difference in the community, even during the pandemic. This extends the reach and impact of an organization’s philanthropy.

What will happen to the service and partnership agreements that CSCCNJ currently has with hospital systems, oncology providers, other non-profits, and outside groups?

Nothing. As an independent 501(c) (3) organization, the contracts and partnership agreements currently in force are not impacted by our change in affiliate status.

When do these changes go into effect?

We are thankful to CSC for working together with us as we work through this change, which will take effect on February 1, 2021.

What is the genesis of the new name?

Crossroads is the address of our physical location in Bedminster, New Jersey, and it also represents the moment in life when a person with cancer and his or her loved ones embark on the cancer journey. The 4 is a tribute to our four founders, and Hope is core to our mission. The name leads with a sense of optimism while the tagline infuses strength and resilience. 

Whom does Crossroads4Hope serve?

We provide social and emotional support to anyone impacted by cancer including people with cancer, survivors, loved ones, caregivers, and bereaved.

What does it cost to participate?

Programs and services are offered at no charge for individuals and families impacted by a cancer diagnosis either directly or indirectly through a loved one. Crossroads4Hope is a nonprofit organization supported by tax-deductible contributions from the public.

Do participants follow a specific program?

No. Program participants customize their selections from the program offerings according to their needs and desires.

How do I register to attend programs?

Call us today at 908 658 5400 x0 or register for programs online at

Where are Crossroads4Hope programs held?

During the pandemic, all of our programming is offered virtually through an online secure platform.

How does Crossroads4Hope work with medical treatment?

While the medical profession treats cancer on the physical front, we help people with cancer learn techniques that help them improve the quality of their lives. Crossroads4Hope is not a substitute for medical treatment but is meant to complement conventional medical treatment.

Is the medical community supportive of Crossroads4Hope?

Yes. Crossroads4Hope has a Professional Advisory Board comprised of approximately forty healthcare professionals, and has the support of area hospitals, cancer centers, oncologists, and cancer professionals.

How is Crossroads4Hope different?

We provide social and emotional support to cancer patients and their families at no charge. Our programs are delivered in a home-like setting that invites people impacted by cancer to join a community of others fighting the same disease. Crossroads4Hope is committed to evidence-based program development, evaluation, and evolution through state of the art research collaborations. All of our programming is led by professionals, many of whom have extensive experience in oncology.

3 Crossroads Drive
Bedminster, NJ 07921

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