Our MyGo2Support Program Puts 24/7 Support Directly in Your Hands.

What is MyGo2Support?

Crossroads4Hope’s MyGo2Support (MG2S) is a complimentary, mobile support program designed to put our resources into your hands 24/7, so no matter who you are, where you live, or where you are in your journey with cancer, you have access to personalized support and resources, when and where you need it most.

To Enroll in MyGo2Support:

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Features & Benefits

How Are You Doing? Survey

Throughout the program, we will check in - allowing you to provide feedback on the personal challenges you’re experiencing through the How Are You Doing? survey. (See keyword COPE)

MyGo2Support Keywords

At any time, members can text in any of the keywords below to 43386 to receive in-the-moment program support:

Text COPE to take the How Are You Doing? survey at any time!

Text MINDFUL to receive relaxation techniques and breathing exercises.

Text SONG to receive a link to an uplifting song.

Text SHARE to submit a brief statement about what you do to cope/how are you doing with this experience.

Your statement will be shared anonymously in the future to hep others cope who are in a similar situation.

Your Personal Page

Within MyGo2Support, you can access a library filled with educational resources 24/7. Each time you take the How Are You Doing? survey, these companion pages update so the resources you need are readily available to help you cope with the challenges you are experiencing.
Visit the MyGo2Support digital library by going to and log in with your ten-digit mobile number.

To Enroll in MyGo2Support: