Taking On Your Cancer Journey. Together.


Our founding belief is our promise to the community, that all those affected by cancer – people with cancer and their loved ones – should have a safe place to turn for emotional and social support programs and services, at no charge.  


Taking on Your Cancer Journey.


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Treatment Decisions

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When you donate to Crossroads4Hope, 86 cents of every dollar goes directly to the delivery of life changing programs and services provided to people with cancer, survivors, family members, and caregivers, without regard to cancer type, stage, age, place of treatment, ability to pay, or the place where someone lives or works. All our programs and services are delivered at no charge to individuals.

Thank you for helping us bring help and hope where and when it’s needed most.     

90% of our members report reduced feelings of fear, anxiety, loneliness, and isolation

98% of our members say our programs have made a positive impact on their life

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AnnualConference on Cancer: Supporting Youth & Families

Join us for an educational conference where Crossroads4Hope and other trusted leaders will equip schools and community professionals with essential resources and support focused on how to respond when cancer impacts youth and families.

Thanks to funding from Bayer Fund, admission to this event is completely free.

More details on this year's conference to follow.