Health Champion Program

Have you ever considered turning your cancer experience into a way that helps others facing cancer in your community?

Become a Crossroads4Hope Health Champion and make a difference in the lives of others.

Join us on our mission to take on the cancer journey together with all those facing a cancer diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one. When you become a Health Champion, you are seen as a trusted person in your community who can provide immediate help and hope to someone facing cancer. It’s as easy as participating in just ONE upcoming workshop. Take the first step and register for a workshop today!

As a Health Champion, you will receive essential information and training to:


Normalize conversations about cancer and learn how to talk about it.


Improve your confidence in supporting someone you know who is facing cancer.


Refer people to resources in a timely manner.


Receive access to information that helps people maintain their nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


Connect people to resources like Crossroads4Hope's "My Voice Matters, Taking Control of My Cancer Care" so that people can talk with their doctor about their treatment.


Stay up-to-date on new topics and trends in cancer.

Hear What Past Attendees Have to Say:

“This is such an important resource to help others in our community.”


CR4H Member

“I feel more confident helping my loved ones with education about cancer.”


CR4H Member