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Edin and Shiamara's Journey

In Spring 2023, Edin was referred to us as he was facing metastatic gastrointestinal cancer, and his wife Miriam, and their two children Shiamara, age 2 and Fredy, age 14 were grappling with the fear that comes with knowing they will eventually lose a husband, and a father. 

25% of people living with a history of cancer are raising children under the age of 19. These families face a unique set of challenges, as fear, stress, and uncertainty can impact the emotional well-being of young children throughout their lifetime. Providing these children with necessary communication and coping skills early on is proven to be critical for their growth and development in later years. 

At Crossroads4Hope, A Network of Cancer Support, we care for the diagnosed and their entire family. Our Bilingual Social Work and Child Life Teams are working hard to ensure no child is alone during this crisis,. Through age-appropriate activities, emotional support, and educational resources, we help children and teens who are impacted by a parent or sibling’s cancer diagnosis to: 

Process their emotions in a safe and supportive environment. 

Navigate the complexities of their family situation. 

Develop coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and anxiety. 

Our team will often go above and beyond to reduce the burden families are facing, but sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impact. 

Shortly after Edin came to us we discovered his daughter, Shiamara’s 2nd birthday was approaching. We quickly realized there was an immediate need to provide a ray of light amidst the darkness the family was experiencing. We assembled a box filled with birthday party essentials to expedite a legacy building opportunity for Edin. Included were party decorations, a scrap book and a polaroid camera to capture the important memories from this celebration with their father.

Edin is just one of the many families Crossroads4Hope serves. Your generous donation will directly support our vital child life program, ensuring that no child is left to face this difficult journey alone.  

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today and help us continue to provide life-changing support to families facing cancer, so they can focus on healing and restoring hope.

Testimonials & Kind Words

Maureen O'Sullivan

Support Group Member with Cancer


Support4Families Parent

Bereavement Support Group Member

"Crossroads4Hope has helped me tremendously, their support group was my family, and I don't know where I'd be without them. My advice for anyone living with cancer, find a Crossroads, find a support group."

"I always thought of needing support as a sign of weakness. After joining a group myself, I have learned support is not weakness but strength."

"It is a real mission...This is real support. It is genuine. When you come to Crossroads, right away you will know and feel it."

"The programs have been so important for my family. It has been so helpful to me to know that I am not alone on this journey and to be able to share with other parents how similar or different our journey's as parents with cancer."

"With the help of the staff and friends I have made in the bereavement group, I have been able to move on. I will never be fully healed, but I can enjoy the life I have left."

Crossroads4Hope Member

"Being a caregiver, I am thankful for the opportunity to give love and receive love. Crossroads4Hope is a community, a home and place where such love exists."

Survivor, Crossroads4Hope Member

Nancy Gonzalez

Crossroads4Hope Member