Community Partner Opportunities

Crossroads4Hope is dedicated to closing cancer care gaps wherever they exist. Therefore, our focus is on the person, their families, and their community, not the disease.

Our Outreach Team is addressing the health crisis caused by cancer, inequities, and barriers to care that can be life threatening.

We provide access to transformative resources like screenings, educational programs, nutritional workshops and professionally led emotional and social support services, at no cost to anyone.

Regardless of a person’s cancer, stage, treatment center, insurance, or incomewe are a trusted community resource and lifeline. We support all those needing to navigate life’s challenges in ways that help sustain their health, access to care, and wellbeing, so they can focus on their cancer journey. 

To learn more about becoming a CR4H Community Partner and join our movement in revolutionizing how we care for those facing cancer,
please email us below.