ShopRite of Chester’s Registered Dietitian, Brittany Peterson, shared tips and delicious recipes with our CSCCNJ kids and their parents. The session wasn’t just about making recipes but learning about what makes a snack a healthy one. Fall is in full swing, of course apple and pumpkin were on the menu! The kids tested a variety of apple types and learned the differences between a whole apple, apple sauce, and having a glass of apple cider.

Jesse Guzik, Child/Youth Program Coordinator was present for the program. “The kids were empowered to do all the prep work including measuring and answering questions about the food they were eating. You could see on their faces, the pride they felt  from helping prepare something for their parents to eat and they ware excited to come back for new recipes. For children affected by cancer, helping out in the kitchen and choosing their own healthy snacks after school affords the opportunity to have control over an aspect of daily life. When there is cancer in the family there are a lot of things that are happening to them and impacted their lives which they cannot control. We aim to facilitate opportunities to be a regular kid just like their peers who do not have cancer in their lives.”

Click here for the Pumpkin Energy Bites and Apple Pie Parfait recipes to make with your little ones!

For more information about our kids and families programs, contact Jesse Guzik, Child/Youth Program Coordinator at or 908-658-5400.

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