As we enter the New Year, we’re excited to continue growing and expanding our programs to further our mission of ensuring that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community – so that no one faces cancer alone.

In 2017, we are focusing on innovating and invigorating our programs, which will expand and increase the sense of community for our participants. Across each program area, including Individual and Group Support, Health & Wellness, Nutrition, Education, and Social Connections; CSCCNJ will introduce fun, new workshops and classes that continue to keep the patient and their family members at the center of care and support.

This year, we also plan to enhance the types of programs offered to families under a new umbrella of programming called Support4Families. Across the developmental spectrum, CSCCNJ will be able to provide these families with access to experts delivering programs and support services across the pillars mentioned above. Programs including school-based support groups, family outings, and exclusive events will reduce isolation and stress and enhance empowerment in families through these increased social connections.

We are looking forward to experiencing these new programs together, with our participants!