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Coffee Filter Bats

Celebrate Halloween with this spooky good craft! Click here for full instructions!



-Wood Clothespins

-White Coffee Filters

-Googly Eyes

-Washable Markers (Black, Blue & Purple)

-Liquid Craft Glue

-Black Acrylic Paint

-Paint Brush

-Black Cardstock


-White Gel Pen


-Scrap of Cardboard

  1. Flatten coffee filters and draw different patterns with the markers.
  2. Lay the coffee filter on newspaper, plastic Ziploc baggy or a wipe-able surface.
  3. Spritz the filter with water.
  4. Watch the magic as the colors spread, set aside to dry.
  5. Attach the clothespins to a scrap of cardboard and pain all over with black paint. Set aside too dry.
  6. After the paint is dry, glue on the google eyes.

  1. With the white gel pen, draw a mouth and fans on each clothespin, again set aside to dry.
  2. Fold the dry coffee filter into fourths and cut a scallop edge with scissors. Unfold filter to half and cut a 3″ slit up from the scalloped edge. Then open the clothespin and insert the wings.

  1. Cut out ears using a strip of black yardstick and cutting out two small triangles. Attach to the top of the clothespin with liquid glue.
  2. Once completely dry you’re all done!

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