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New Series: Closing the Cancer Care Gap


Focusing On The Person. Not the Disease.

Last month, Catherine, Princess of Wales made the courageous decision to go public with her cancer diagnosis. While her story is no longer in the headlines, it serves as a wakeup call.

1 in 2 of us are at risk for being diagnosed with cancer, however, recent research highlights the growing incidence of cancer in people under 50, many of whom are juggling working, raising a family and even caring for elderly parents. In fact, 25% of all people diagnosed with cancer are raising children under the age of 19. No matter who you are, three simple words – You Have Cancer – changes everything and brings our mortality into focus and the future we painted for ourselves and our children into question. 

While everyone was speculating on the type of cancer and potential treatment she was undergoing, Kate focused on the impact the diagnosis was having on her and her family. She highlighted the importance of needing time with her husband to process the impact of the diagnosis, decisions needed to be made about her treatment, and determine how best to talk with their children in a way that would reassure them about her cancer. She highlighted the importance of taking care of one’s mind, body and spirit and the value of having support. 

If an individual with access to unlimited resources is struggling, it’s not hard to imagine what people with far less resources face. For years, the healthcare system has attempted to integrate psychosocial support in cancer treatment. It is time that we accepted that this is fundamental to treating the whole person and now more so than ever, there is a need to close gaps in care. No one is equipped to navigate the complex range of emotional, social, physical and financial needs caused or complicated by a cancer, while trying to navigate treatment, insurance, work and family.

That is why at Crossroads4hope we focus on people, not the disease. We take on your cancer journey together to restore your whole being and family by providing access to resources, support, education, nutrition and programs that enhance your mental and physical wellbeing. We are unique in that we work with people who are worrying about their risk of developing cancer, through diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship, and we provide support for caregivers and the entire family, including bereavement (if needed). For parents with young children facing additional needs, our team of child life specialists can provide specialized support to children through age-appropriate activities, emotional support, and educational resources. No one will ever see a bill from us because we believe these resources are fundamental, and thankfully, our donors agree.   

Most importantly, we restore hope.


National Nutrition Month

Listen to our CEO, Amy Sutton on The Invisible Americans Podcast, as she shares how we are taking on the cancer journey to help people reduce their risk and distress and empower them to adopt healthy eating which can improve their quality of life, and mental and physical wellbeing.

And don’t miss our board-certified oncology nutritionist, Hilary Sachs, who will be sharing a cancer-fighting, budget-friendly recipe that the whole family can enjoy!


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