A Promise is More Than a Name
Introducing Crossroads4Hope

BEDMINSTER, NJ—February 1, 2021 marks a new beginning for Crossroads4Hope, an organization that has empowered people with cancer and their families through community-based, professionally-led support for almost two decades.

Nearly 20 years ago, four New Jersey women started the organization as Hope Springs, choosing early on to affiliate with what became Cancer Support Community. It was their belief that all those affected by cancer should have a safe place to turn for emotional and social support programs and services, at no charge. Since officially opening its doors, this commitment to community has guided the organization’s leadership and provided a deep understanding of the needs faced by all those affected by cancer, especially individuals in vulnerable communities. In order to further enhance their partnership with and promise to the community, the Cancer Support Community Central New Jersey Board of Trustees unanimously voted in September 2020 not to renew its Cancer Support Community affiliate license agreement. The Board set the wheels in motion to change the organization’s name to Crossroads4Hope, but not to change its promise to the community.

“In 2020, we found ourselves at a crossroads, one of renewed independence and commitment to community,” says Amy Sutton, CEO of Crossroads4Hope. “This decision provides us the best opportunity to grow our mission in line with our Vision for the Future in New Jersey.

Crossroads4Hope was always an independent 501(c)(3) organization charged with standing side-by-side those who are facing cancer in their lives,” Sutton continued. “Our mission is not changing, it is expanding.”

“There are far more people who need our help, especially during the pandemic,” says Katherine Schaible, LSW, Program Director of Crossroads4Hope. “We are here to support them to become active, empowered, and resilient in their ability to take control of their health, healthcare, and well-being.”

The commitment to face cancer alongside anyone affected directly or indirectly by the disease does not change. Crossroads4Hope has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of individuals, with over 100,000 hours of programming delivered since its inception. Crossroads4Hope will offer innovative solutions to provide personalized, evidence-based care to those people affected by cancer, enabling the organization to expand its reach and offer more customized supportive services.

“The name Crossroads4Hope has a very specific meaning for our community,” explains Sutton.

Crossroads is the address of our physical location in Bedminster, New Jersey, and it also represents the moment in life when a person with cancer and his or her loved ones embark on the cancer journey. The 4 is a tribute to our four founders, and Hope is core to our mission,” she continued. “From Hope Springs to Crossroads4Hope, the organization continues to be a network of cancer support enabling people impacted by cancer to take control of their health and well-being with the strength of community; and helping them navigate with hope and meaning no matter who they are or where they are on their cancer journey.”

“Our transformation is possible because of our founders, four amazing women in the community, along with the support of the donors and partners who have shared our vision. For those that have been with us from the start, or who have joined us along the way, we thank you. Your involvement in our work has and will continue to change lives,” Sutton concluded.

To learn more about Crossroads4Hope, visit crossroads4hope.org or call 908-658-5400.

About Crossroads4Hope
Crossroads4Hope, formerly known as Cancer Support Community Central New Jersey, is a network of cancer support that is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. As experts in oncology mental health, the organization provides support, education, and hope to all people with cancer and their loved ones. Backed by evidence that the best cancer care includes social and emotional support, Crossroads4Hope creates a caring community to help individuals live with, through, and beyond cancer. At no charge to people with cancer, family members, and caregivers, the organization delivers essential programs and services including individual and group support; educational, nutrition, and healthy-cooking workshops; classes to enhance health and wellness; and activities that build social connections. Crossroads4Hope has temporarily moved its program of support to a virtual platform since the start of stay-at-home orders, and will continue to provide both virtual and in-person support in the future. For more information, visit their website at crossroads4hope.org or call (908) 658-5400.

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